Our ground reefer units are refrigerated and allow you to safely store perishable goods. We handle transporting the units and deliver them directly to you.

Workbox offers on-site 40′ refrigerated containers that sit directly on the ground. Equipped with a digital control panel, our “all electric” Carrier™ cooling systems allow the temperature settings to be programmed and maintained for specific product requirements. 40′ refrigerated containers come equipped with lockable double cargo doors and aluminum T-rail flooring capable of withstanding forklifts and pallet jacks.

Maximum Gross Weight 35,000 kg 77,160 lbs
Tare Weight (+/- 2%max**) 4,420 kg 9,740 lbs
Pay Load 30,580 kg 67,420 lbs
STACKING, tested load per corner post 102,375 kg 225,730 lbs
Heat leakage (@ 10°C mean wall temp.) 36 kCal / °C 7.8 btu / °F
Air leakage 5m3/hr @ 25.4mm H2O 2.9 ft3/min @ 1” H2O


– Length 11,588 mm 456.22 in.
– Width 2,290 mm 90.1 in.
– Height 2,545 mm 100.2 in.
– Width 2,290 mm 90.1 in.
– Height 2,557 mm 100.67 in.
– nominal 67.4 m3 793 ft3
– beneath 100 mm load line 64.7 m3 761 ft3


Hot Zinc Spray Galvanized Corten Frame

All exposed corten parts are hot zinc sprayed

  • Less Corrosion
  • Less Maintenance
  • Better Appearance
  • Lowest cost for damages and maintenance

Base Design

  • Low / flat corrugations
  • Container sits higher on uneven terrain
  • 7 Load transfer members
  • Repairs cheaper due to flat panel design
  • MGSS base panel

Aluminym Scuffliner

  • Reduces interior lining repair costs
  • Fully welded to T floor for added water resistance

Sidewall Design

  • Exterior corten steel scuff liner
  • MGSS side wall
  • Superior side wall strength

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