Baton Rouge Shipping Container Company Offers Custom Containers

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Workbox specializes in creating custom containers for clients. Regardless of their needs, the Baton Rouge shipping container company can craft a solution for them by customizing a shipping container to meet their needs. Workbox can handle requests ranging from creating bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, or even kitchens out of shipping containers.

Baton Rouge Shipping Container Company

Workbox is based out of Port Allen, Louisiana, just across the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge. The company handles shipping container rental to clients all over Baton Rouge, though. We can cut windows, add doors, and install just about any permutation you want on the container. Custom container is a passion of the technicians at Workbox. We love to help people create something unique.

Shipping Container Sizes

Workbox is able and willing to work on shipping containers of all sizes. This includes 8×10, 8×20, and 8×40 containers. We have, in the past, installed climate control systems in our custom shipping containers, but also lights and shelves or doors and windows. We’ve even made custom shipping containers to be used as hunting camps. If you have other needs, let us know, if it is possible, we can make it happen!

Why Workbox?

Workbox has been in business in the Baton Rouge area for more than twenty years. At Workbox, we take our work seriously. That means your custom shipping container is going to be made as you asked. Not “close enough”, not “almost”. We take great pride in being able to build to the buyer’s specifications and deliver on our promises.

Contact Workbox

Do you have a need for a custom shipping container? Workbox would love to hear all about your idea, no matter how unique or difficult you think it might be. Give us a call at (225) 343-4886 or fill out a form here. We’ll even send along a free quote for a customized shipping container!