Renting a Storage Container in Baton Rouge

Rent A Storage Container in Baton Rouge

Need a Storage Container in Baton Rouge?

Space is a precious commodity. Ask anyone who’s planning an event, remodeling a home, constructing office space, or working in the industrial business. A storage system could be a pivotal solution. Renting a container can alleviate some of the most stressful obstacles with a construction, commercial, or industrial project.

Uses for Storage Containers

Workbox’s weather-tight steel and aluminum storage containers are used for a wide range of purposes. Our storage solutions are available in several sizes, and they feature double doors that lock. Workbox storage systems can be customized to your needs.

Offices around Southeastern Louisiana love our storage containers. Workbox containers can be used as impromptu office spaces, breakrooms and lunchrooms, or simply storage for a business.

Homeowners use us, too. Remodeling your home? Moving into a new house? Or maybe you just need storage. The Homebox suits your residential needs.

Industrial and construction clients across Southeastern Louisiana use our containers to store raw materials, equipment, or inventory. Workbox helps companies to get the job done with efficiency and ease.

Workbox Containers

1. Climate Control

Our containers put you in control. We have insulated containers with air conditioning units so that your items are stored at your preferred temperature, a common concern during the hot and humid summers in Baton Rouge.

2. Refrigeration

Still not cool enough? Check out our refrigerated storage containers with Carrier™ cooling systems and a digital control panel.

3. Lights and Shelves

If you need space, you probably need organization, too. We have storage containers with options for shelving and lighting. This solution is commonly used for office spaces.

4. Customization

You can customize any of the above options or come up with your own twist. We want our containers to provide efficiency for you.

About Workbox

Considering renting a storage container for your next project? Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

We’re experts in storage systems. We started our company in 1997, offering storage containers. Now, we’ve expanded to many other containers and devices for rent or sale, like portable sanitation, roll off dumpsters, and event tents.

We believe in providing exceptional service, superior products and supplies, and training and safety to consumers and businesses in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, and everywhere in between.