Workbox’s Portalets Feature in Conference & Newsletter

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Nuts and Bolts Conference in New Orleans

In this week’s edition of the Portable Sanitation Association International Newsletter, the biggest highlight is the photo recap of the PSAI Nuts and Bolts Conference from November 16 – 19 held in New Orleans. This was an exciting conference focused on portalets for rent and other portable sanitation issues which Workbox was proud to take part in.

Workbox Showed Off Portalets for Rent

On Thursday the conference attendees visited Workbox, LLC in Port Allen, Louisiana, to check out their equipment, trucks, and products of portable restrooms, trailers, handwash stations, portalets for rent, and freight boxes. After Port Allen the conference bus headed to Gretna Louisiana where they enjoyed refreshments and toured Event Restrooms’ portable restrooms.

Conference Speakers & Leaders

Friday brought several spectacular speakers and presenters, like Larry Oxenham, and exhibitors, like Ameri-Can, and Heffernan Insurance Brokers. Also on Friday was one of PSAI’s favorite events, the Topical Round Tables, where PSAI leaders lead open discussions about hot industry topics, and a program revealing a brand new training course.

On the last day or the conference, Executive Director Karleen Kos gave a presentation on the new standards for nonsewered waste systems and the implications this may have on portable sanitation industry.

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