Workbox Builds Business By Adding Portalets

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Workbox’s Success With Portalets

Workbox LLC has striven to provide answers to all of the most important issues facing construction sites and the services they need. Now, Workbox is offering portable sanitation in addition to dumpsters and storage containers. Many people in the Southeastern Louisiana area know Workbox as a storage container rental company, but they also offer portalets for rent, whether for residential, worksite, commercial, or special event needs. PRO Monthly recently wrote about Workbox’s success with our Potty-All division.

How good? In a little more than 10 years of operation, the company’s restroom division – called Potty-All (a playful take on Padial’s last name, which is pronounced the same way) – went from zero to 2,300 restrooms, 30 employees and eight vacuum trucks, plus two restroom trailers.

We intend to grow even more in the coming years, too. Workbox LLC currently provides portalets for all kinds of events, festivals, and companies. Thank you to all of the clients who continue to allow us to show our high quality customer service and product standards.

Want To Rent A Portable Toilet?

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