Rent A Portalet In Baton Rouge

Rent a portalet in Baton Rouge, Workbox

Baton Rouge Portalets Are Available

Some people assume that portalets are only available through national companies. The truth is there are local companies that can provide portalet rentals in here in Baton Rouge. Workbox is happy to be able to help local companies, residents, and organizations from around Southeastern Louisiana to get great deals on affordable, well-maintained, portalets.

Find a Portalet for Rent

Workbox has every imaginable variety of portalet. This includes construction-site style portalets with winches for easy vertical movement as well as twenty-five foot luxury restroom trailers and everything between. Most people are interested in our standard portalets for rent, though. These are clean, affordable, well-maintained units which can be used in commercial, residential, construction, or festival settings.

Workbox Portalets

The standard portable toilet rental unit we offer at Workbox is ideal for commercial or residential construction projects. When trying to decide how many of these units are needed at a commercial or construction site, ANSI standards suggest 1 unit per 10 workers during a 40-hour workweek.

If you have a multi-story construction project, a portable toilet with a hoist offers the opportunity to lift the unit from the ground without risking safety or spending more time than is needed. Ultimately this can improve the efficiency of a construction project by limiting the amount of time workers have to spend going down to the bottom floor to use the bathroom.

At many events, it is necessary to provide a spacious, wheelchair accessible, restroom. This is a unit that is designed for ease of use, plenty of space, and at Workbox we take great pride in ensuring all of these units are in great condition.

Workbox offers a number of luxury restroom trailers that are more suitable for weddings, festivals, and corporate applications. We have 10-foot, 20-foot, and 30-foot luxury restroom trailers available for all of your special events.

Use Workbox: Rent A Local Portalet in Baton Rouge

Whatever the event or project is, if you need to rent a portalet in Baton Rouge, Workbox can help. Regardless of the type of portable toilet you need or when you need it, we can make it happen. Consumers and businesses in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, and everywhere in between can Contact us for more information.